Content Analysis = Relevant Keywords

When choosing the right keywords, you must choose ones that are both relevant to your site and commonly used.

What do we mean by relevant?
Relevant visits equal more chances for sales and more chances for return visits.

Now, take a moment to write down the all the keywords related to your site... Done? Now ask yourself: "What would someone who would want to visit my site be looking for"? Did your list change much? Now ask someone else who is not familiar with your business to do the same.

Do the lists match?
Imagine how many different lists you could end up with by asking more people? Now compare all the lists. The words that show up the most often are likely form the basis of your keyword tag for use with the search engines.

Are you excited?
You should be. You've just developed a keyword tag with is valid for the people looking for the product that you carry in your geographical area. Now think about what it would take to do the same thing to account for regional variations around the world, and to correlate it against what and how the search engines actually operate. Daunting isn't it? Twenty to thirty hours a month now seems like a low total.

Now that you've made your list, you have to look at what keywords will bring in the most people. This of course depends on what your goals are. Chances are you are not just looking for visits, but relevant visits. By this we mean, that you, like most other site operators who are competing with you want to attract exactly the same visitors as you are.

Now that there are close to 1,000,000,000 (1 billion) web pages, don't water down your keyword tags with words that are unrelated to your content, using words that are relevant not only makes sense, but also will bring you the visitors you are looking for.

So at the end of the day, which keywords work?
Obviously it's the ones that someone who may be interested in your product may use in a search. While it used to be up to you to find the right words, but that has all changed. The metamengine not only takes the guess-work out of deriving keywords for your website, it drastically improves your search engine strategy and keeps you abreast of trends. It's like having your finger on the pulse of the net.