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Reputation Management Case Study

Client:  A top 10 online auto insurance company
Business Description:  Online quality, low cost, state required car insurance. 


  • Client identified a unauthorized website that was diverting web traffic from clients site
  • The unauthorized website was representing themselves as the client
  • Client further identified a few website with harsh negative publicity about the client.


  • Metamend performs a monthly expanded report to identify all site diverting web traffic.
  • Over 85 sites were found acting as web traffic diversion sites.
  • In addition, over 35 negative publicity sites were identified.
  • Metamend extended the report to include “phishing sites” and located over 25 sites.
  • Enforcement actions were taken on the 85 traffic diversion sites
  • Social media sites were developed to increase positive messaging to address negative publicity and push down the negative sites in the search engines
  • The 25 phishing sites are being monitored 24/7 for a “go live” status as an early warning on phishing activity.

Ninety Day Results:

  • Within 90 days, over 50% of the diverting web traffic domains were assigned to the client and the remaining sited are still under enforcement.
  • The client site absorbed and currently benefits from this new web traffic.
  • Positive social media and responses are beginning to push down negative media with 90 days.