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“During the next five years, 83 percent of companies will face a crisis that will negatively impact their share price by 20 to 30 percent.”

Professional Reputation Management Solutions

Protect your hard earned reputation online with professional reputation management services from Metamend Search Marketing.

Creating a successful company online and off requires trust in your brand's internet reputation. Having a secure reputation establishes trust and confidence protecting your customers from internet fraud and corporate revenue losses. A poor reputation can lead to reduced confidence and mistrust, and result in reduced sales and business opportunities.

Internet Fraud: Did You Know?

  • That your brands are being used fraudulently on the web to divert sales?
  • Online predator's phish your web traffic for personal information or even donations?
  • That your online business partners may not be in compliance with your digital information?
  • A judge can cite your company's lack of efforts to protect consumers from fraud?

Examples of inappropriate and unauthorized brand usage:

Online Brand Protection: Examples of Inappropriate Brand Usage

The images used hereof are for example and training purposes only. This information hereof has been deemed public online information and is not in violation of trademark, copyright or intellectual property rights. Metamend holds all client information private and will not disclose any content without prior written permission.

Online reputation management services work to build a positive reputation and provide online fraud protection for your customers and prospects. These services counteract malicious information on the internet such as; erroneous rumors, unfair opinions and other negative information posted online. Reputation management is essential to maintaining a positive consumer outlook on your products and/or services.

Online Branding: Are You Prepared?

  • Is managing and monitoring your company's online reputation part of your marketing plan?
  • Who will be your advisors, for seeking counsel before reacting to a crisis?
  • Who are your key offline/online stakeholders needing information during a crisis?
  • Do you have a crisis-blog ready for deployment?
  • Who is on your crisis team?
  • Who is your media spokesperson?
  • What is your ORM Strategy, Policy and Procedure?

Reputation Management

Search engine reputation management is the focused effort to insure that the result listings of the search engines reflect the benefits that your company provides, rather than any malicious attempts to discredit or lower consumer confidence. Brand protection is another key component of online reputation management. There may be times where the reputation of a company can be damaged by information about the particular product, service or brand or even the leadership of the company. Other times there may be negative information being spread around.

Metamend understands the full need to build a positive reputation for the company identity, its leadership, as well as the products or services provided by the company. Our online brand protection strategies will be used "proactively" to prevent attacks or to help combat a negative reputation and restore consumer confidence and trust in the company's brand.

Our Branding Consultants can help you learn about:

  • Compliance, Diversion, Gray market/Counterfeit Sales, Phishing Attacks, Diversion of Sales
  • Develop a robust ORM (Online Reputation Management) strategy to combat negative publicity, press and Blogs
  • Learn to monitor what is being said about your company day or night
  • Leverage the Internet to your advantage and not the advantage of others
  • Build strong safeguards against fraudulent sites and online scams

Reputation Management GAP Analysis

At your request, Metamend can perform a Reputation Management GAP Analysis. The GAP report will help to identify internet fraud and online brand compliance issues for your company, brand, products, services or corporate individuals. Metamend will provide a limited scan on the internet for possible infringements, indicating the potential scope of the problem. Pending the level of infringements, Metamend can then determine a customized method for monitoring, identifying and prioritizing actions.

Reputation Management Services

Metamend Search Marketing's reputation management techniques combine our decade of experience as industry leading search engine optimizers with the unique talents of noted branding consultant David Howell. In his career, David Howell has worked with many of the largest brands, many of which are household names.

Metamend Reputation Management and Brand Protection services include full monitoring of names, keywords and topics associated with your business, direct intervention when necessary and pro-active reputation development through search engines and social media applications.

The process starts with a full reputation and brand audit. Almost every large brand has its share of detractors. We look for and find everything said about your company, staff or products online.

Once found, we assess what we can do about it. Metamend has a range of options to choose from depending on the circumstances and the scope of each case. Ultimately the end goal is removal or displacement of adverse information.

Through-out the process, Metamend develops strong, affirmative content that will enhance your company's reputation as seen in search engine results under keywords associated with your company name, brand or staff.

The services encompass many of the issues confronting businesses on the Internet today including; full monitoring of your brand reputation, counterfeit and "grey-market" goods, domain name management, Pay-per-click fraud, use (and misuse) of Gift and Loyalty cards, ID Phishing, Blogs and Message Board monitoring, RSS Feed monitoring and search engine optimization issues. Our goal is to watch every angle and make certain your business and interests are properly represented on the Internet.

Stay ahead of the curve. Protect your hard-earned good name with Metamend's Reputation Management and Brand Protection services. Chances are, we'll know of a problem and have a solution worked out before you're even aware that problem exists.

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