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Common Reputation Management Issues

I am not a bank so I am immune to fraud and phishing; no one cares about using internet fraud against my small business. Why would they?

Did you know that online predators phish your web traffic for personal information or even donations? Your brands are quite possibly being used fraudulently on the web to divert sales and online business partners may not be in compliance with your digital information? All of these problems have been identified too late by business with a similar mindset. In addition, their inaction led Federal Judges to hold them liable and complicit in the illegal activity. No one is safe from fraud and phishing, and you do not have to be a bank to be a victim. Having a strategy in place ahead of time will protect your business and build a defensible legal platform to work from. This will save countless hours and legal fees, and your reputation will be intact.

I woke up this morning and when I enter MY product name in a search engine, my competitor's site comes up first! What can we do?

The double edged sword is that when left unchecked, the internet is whatever we make it good or bad. With enough skill, time and effort, anyone can create a false perception that search engines will unwittingly be complicit in propagating. The good news is that Metamend's Online Brand Protection department has both the experience and the industry professionals to affect change on your behalf. You do not have to watch as your product is shifting ever downward in the search results and your competitor seems to use your name to rise in results on the same page. We successfully intervened on our clients' behalf, countless times, with high success rates and using many options normally only available to a dedicated legal department. You will be represented, your arguments will be heard and enforced, and you will not have to pay dedicated legal department pricing. We have the skill, knowledge and experience to enforce change on your behalf and help you put the best foot forward online. Pair our Reputation management services with our SEO and site analysis, and we can make sure that we get you found online.

I have a trademark, but someone else is using a .com with MY name to sell something else!

Your trademark is yours, and after going through all the trouble to get it, the sad truth is that now you have to use it to fight people using it. Even worse, if you elect not to fight, you can lose your argument and all other challenges to your mark, going forward. By your inaction, you can actually act as an advocate to the people illegally using your mark! Metamend has the experience and expertise to combat this type of attack on your property. We have intervened on our client's behalf in several cases and our clients have developed the necessary foundation from which to launch a successful defense. See how we can help you.

What is a sponsored link and why is my company name there?

-Sponsored links that use your name or product without your permission are put there by the search engines after someone else pays to use your property for their purposes. In effect, you are paying their advertising bill to put you out of business with your trademark. In extreme cases, you can watch your site fall in the search engine rankings, your site traffic dry up, and your case to enforce this action has been damaged by inaction. At the very least, the offender is taking customers looking for you and pointing them to the offender's site instead. Metamend has proven solutions and dedicated enforcement people to fight this type of infringement. We have the experience and technical expertise to work on your behalf and enforce your mark without the high cost of a dedicated legal department, but achieve the same result.

What is I thought there was just .com, .net and .org style domain names?

- At this time there are 290+ domain extensions that represent the global online community. This also multiplies the danger and possibility for infringement. Most companies' legal department enforcement experience is in the gtld theatre, or basically the extensions: .com, .net, .org, .biz, .info and sometimes .us; also technically a cctld as it represents the United States. See here for the list: Metamend Reputation Management has the experience in this industry to enforce and act on your behalf in a global arena. Our industry professionals have experience in this industry dating back to the early days of cctld proliferation and enforcement. We have seen the changes, and continually updated and modified our abilities and techniques to keep pace with industry changes. We can help protect and enforce your good name on a global scale.

Our company just re-organized after a bankruptcy, and there is a lot of negative press about it. Is there anything we can do?

- These days this is a common occurrence and problem. We have strategies developed and enhanced for just this type of issue, and have intervened on our clients' behalf on several occasions. This type of enforcement is difficult to showcase after using our solutions, because chances are when you search for the company in question, you don't see a real problem, and that is evidence of a successful build. We work on your behalf to get you back to business as usual, instead of always on the defensive. Your company's name represents a dollar value based upon the goods and/or services you provide, and the level of business you provide, but the unseen value of the loss of your good reputation can impact your company harder than any other loss. The use of good Reputation Management can get you back the traffic and customer base that potentially has dropped off since the change in your business. Metamend has solutions to get you back on track.

This one person is spreading ugly rumors about me personally and my business online, is there any way to fight back?

- We have successfully reduced relevance of negative press for professional individuals utilizing state of the art techniques and methodology. We work on your behalf to force down the negative results and depending on the situation, get them removed entirely. In addition, we can research and identify the entity responsible and take the necessary steps to remove the relevance and get the search results moving in the right direction. By combining our SEO services and our Online Brand Protection offerings, we can build your online presence into a nearly bulletproof, very defensible, online entity.

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