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Search Engine Optimization News - February, 2005
Just An Online Minute... Search Market Share [top]
Tobi Elkin, MediaPost Communications
February 28, 2005

NIELSEN//NETRATINGS REPORTED MARKET SHARE DATA for the three biggest Internet search engines today. According to the company's MegaView Search Service, Google has 47 percent of all online searches, Yahoo! has 21 percent, and MSN is responsible for 13 percent of searches. MegaView Search also reports that 58 percent of Google searchers visited at least one of the other top two search engines, MSN Search and Yahoo! Search. This would suggest that while Google is still the 800-pound gorilla, there is a window of opportunity for MSN, Yahoo!, and others to steal share. Obviously that's what MSN is hoping to accomplish via a global advertising campaign that is literally everywhere these days.

Thoughts on Linking Strategies [top]
Dr. Ralph F. Wilson, Wilson Internet
February 23, 2005

I've convinced that Internet marketers must exercise restraint in linking. I'm currently seeking reciprocal links to three of my sites (a Christmas site, an Easter site, and a Bible study site. I don't offer reciprocal linking for my site, but I send requesters a standard e-mail response -- several daily!)

Pro's and Con's Of Using Free Content To Generate Traffic [top]
Source: Search Engine Roundtable
February 21, 2005

The internet likes the word free, and one of the benefits of using free content is because you don't pay for it. Yet with anything free on the internet, there comes a price, and sometimes free content may carry one all its own. There is a good thread at SEOchat describing just this and many of the members are giving feedback as to what the pro's and con's are of using this type of content.

No Protection for Bloggers [top]
By Adam L. Penenberg, Wired News
February 17, 2005

Over the past eight months, bloggers have covered two political conventions; claimed credit for forcing the resignations of two prominent journalists (soon-to-be former CBS news anchor Dan Rather, ex-CNN news chief Eason Jordan); outed a conservative faker with a taste for gay porn credentialed to cover the White House; and risen from relative obscurity to media darling. They've done this while attracting impressive levels of web traffic (and advertising dollars) and conjuring up a cottage industry and community devoted largely to, well, themselves.

What, Exactly, is Search Engine Spam? [top]
By Bill Hunt, Search Engine Watch
February 16, 2005

There's a subtle boundary that separates acceptable search engine optimization practices from the shadier techniques used by spammers. How can you recognize the difference between white-hat and black-hat techniques?

Google Online Maps Need Work [top]
By Anick Jesdanun, Associated Press
February 15, 2005

NEW YORK Leave it to Google Inc. to innovate. Its new online mapping service produces impressive U.S. maps that please the eye and are fun to navigate. And unlike competing services, you can put all your search terms into one box. But as a product still in "beta," or test phase, Google Maps clearly needs fine-tuning. I wouldn't abandon Yahoo, Mapquest or MSN quite yet.

Increasing Your Link Luck [top]
Courtney Heard, Contributing Writer, WebProNews
February 14, 2005

Link development can be an absolute nightmare. It takes up most of a marketer's time and the yield isn't always what we originally hoped.

Web's Biggest Search Engine Lets You Rewrite Search Results [top]
Source: PRWeb
February 11, 2005

The Web's Biggest search engine ( now lets individual searchers change everyone's search results. The company has licensed the Whois database of more than 40 million websites unlike other search engines which follow hyperlinks to find sites. That makes Web's Biggest the web's biggest search engine and the world's biggest wiki' according to the company.

How attention to detail produces effective search results at QVC [top]
February 10, 2005

Online retailers should make the time and effort to analyze the metrics of their search engine marketing programs to obtain the best results, Carol Steinberg, director of online marketing and business development at QVC, will tell the audience at the eTail 2005 conference in Palm Desert, CA, next week.

Search engine Ask Jeeves buys Bloglines [top]
Source: The Associated Press
February 8, 2005

Company hopes to gain ground on giant rivals Google, Yahoo

SAN FRANCISCO - Underdog online search engine Ask Jeeves Inc. has bought Bloglines, a Web log index and Internet news funnel popular with serious readers of online journals, in its latest bid to gain ground on heavyweight rivals Google Inc. and Yahoo Inc.

Kelsey: Branding And Direct Fusing Online [top]
by Wendy Davis, MediaPost Publications
February 7, 2005

THE DIFFERENCES BETWEEN CAMPAIGNS AIMED at building brand awareness and those with the goal of direct consumer response will increasingly evaporate online, predicts The Kelsey Group in its latest report, scheduled to be released today.

Google Backlink Update Underway [top]
Source: Search Engine Roundtable, Forum Threads
February 4, 2005

During all this fun at Google, there is a backlink update underway.

Search Revenue Estimates Soar to Reach 23 Billion by 2010 [top]
By Richard Zwicky
February 4, 2005

The article below is from Media Post yesterday. Analysts are realizing that search is getting much bigger, much faster than they had previously thought. In fact, they are doubling their previous estimates.

Googling the Bottom Line [top]
By Adam L. Penenberg, Wired News
February 3, 2005

Conventional wisdom says 97 percent of Google searchers don't click past the first three pages (or 30 results). With about three-quarters of the active online population in America using search engines, according to Nielsen/NetRatings, and 40 percent of shoppers choosing Google to locate stores and comparison shop, the difference between a high and low ranking can literally be the difference between a thriving online business and Chapter 11.

This got me wondering: How much is it worth to a company's bottom line to place near the top of Google's search rankings?

Google now a domain registrar [top]
By Richard Zwicky
February 2, 2005

In the last few months we've seen Google stories about getting into building the gbrowser - by hiring key engineers behind the FireFox browser, and stories about Google getting into owning dark fibre networks - the backbone of the Internet.

Utilize the Internet To Test Your Market [top]
By Paulette Thomas, The Wall Street Journal Online
February 2, 2005

THE PROBLEM: Taking an experimental business and recasting it into something bolder.

A few years ago, Jennifer Fallon declared that she was sick to death of her corporate sales job. She always met her quotas, but never felt it added up to anything personally satisfying. She was planning her May 2003 wedding, and told her friends that she was ready to quit and have a baby or two.