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Search Engine Optimization News - October, 2004
Local Search; Still A Long Way To Go [top]
By Richard Zwicky, Contributing Writer, WebProNews
October 29, 2004

You know, it has not ceased to amuse me watching the various search engines fall over themselves and each other, in their march towards offering 'local search.'

Before Launching Your Search Engine Optimization Campaign [top]
By Kalena Jordan,
October 28, 2004

One of the most important aspects of a search engine optimization campaign is also one of the most overlooked - preparation!

Beyond SEO - Search Engine Optimization [top]
By Bhanu Chopra - CEO RateGain
October 26, 2004

If you are in the business of selling online travel to leisure travelers, you understand the value of SEO for attracting more customers to your website. Though the importance of SEO is relevant, what happens after you do get the customer to your website. It is important to understand their needs and present your product that helps convert the customer. With a rising look-to-book ratio, it is important to convert the looks into bookings. Estimates suggest currently only 1-2% conversions happen for any SEO or offline marketing campaigns. With the higher cost of acquisition, it is important to get the customer the very first time they visit your website.

What to Look for in an SEO Firm [top]
By Shari Thurow, Sponsored by Oneupweb,
October 25, 2004

If you use search engine marketing (SEM) as an online marketing strategy, what type of SEM do you use? My first ClickZ column outlined the major types of SEM, including search engine advertising and search engine optimization (SEO).

10 No-Cost Ways to Generate Site Traffic [top]
By Corey Rudl,
October 25, 2004

Turn your site into a visitor magnet and attract swarms of qualified traffic with our top 10 free traffic generation tactics. No matter how cool your site or how fabulous your product, you're not going to generate enough sales to make your business viable unless you can generate traffic. You have to get the word out about your site and give people a reason to visit it, or else you'll go the way of the dinosaur.

Google Rekindling The Microsoft Fire [top]
Rich Ord, Contributing Writer, WebProNews
October 22, 2004

Google The All Powerful Microsoft Killer Tell us it ain't true Bill. The revenue growth, the huge profits and great new products like Desktop Search have created a buzz like the Internet has not seen since Marc Andreesen stumbled upon Netscape.

Ten Steps To Higher Search Engine Positioning [top]
By Dave Davies,
October 20, 2004

There is perhaps no more level playing field in business than the Internet. It is this fact that has created millionaires from paupers. The amount of money that can be made depends of course on your industry and your products and/or services but to be sure, if it can be sold at all, it can be sold online.

Study shows Google on revenue fast track [top]
By Dinesh C. Sharma, Special to CNET
October 20, 2004

Google, this year's stock market darling, is on top of the charts once again.

The search company is No. 1 among the 500 fastest-growing technology companies in North America, according to rankings released Wednesday by financial-services firm Deloitte & Touche USA.

"John Kerry" Out-Polls "George Bush" in Search Engines [top]
October 19, 2004

Major Internet Marketing Slip-Up Cited Within Presidential Campaign Efforts by Search Engine Optimization Expert

(PRWEB) Oct 19, 2004 - An Internet marketing slip-up in the presidential candidates' websites was uncovered by Atlanta search engine optimization company (SEO) Prominent Placement. Voters are apt to have a difficult time searching the candidates' positions online according to a recent observation by the Atlanta SEO consultants. The search engine optimization company examined individuals' web search statistics related to the election's issues, and analyzed how the two major party presidential candidates fared.

Pay-Per-Click Search Engines: A Really Bad Investment [top]
October 18, 2004

What was once such a good thing is now a rip-off and a sham! I'm talking about pay-per-click search engines, and how they've become a really bad investment! There are two reasons for the deterioration of pay-per-click search engines: high bid prices and out of control click fraud.

Google launches desktop search [top]
By Bambi Francisco,
October 15, 2004

Google (GOOG: news, chart, profile) announced a search application for the desktop that lets users search e-mail, files, and Web history. Previously known as "Puffin," the new search toolbar is still in a testing phase.

The Googlebot Assault Continues [top]
Chris Richardson, Contributing Writer, WebProNews
October 14, 2004

Now that the long-awaited PR update has come and gone, there are reports of the Google's indexing spider continuing to perform comprehensive site scans. Recently, WebProNews ran an article discussing these types of scans and the majority of the speculation pointed towards the upcoming PR update. Now that this quarter's update is complete, why is the Googlebot continuing to bombard sites?

Can you Google like a pro? [top]
by Dr. Joan Ruddiman, PACKETONLINE.COM
October 14, 2004

My friend Liz has an e-mail address. Besides a home computer, she also has a laptop. This is no big deal unless you consider that Liz actively resisted any form of computer technology until this year. Liz, who can be described as brainy and who is highly educated, was notable in her workplace for her handwritten memos. Not even the promise of word processing ease could persuade her to cozy up to a computer.

MaZaZZ! - The Men's Search Engine [top]
October 14, 2004

This brand new search engine is targeted specifically at men and men-related issues, brought to you by KaZaZZ!, a media and technology company founded with the purpose of creating content and tools that consistently permeates the human spirit.

13 Ways To Destroy Your Website [top]
By Scott J. Patterson, SiteProNews

Every day, thousands of websites are finding unique ways to turn away visitors and potential customers. Although many webmasters know about the obvious "turn-offs", there are many little details that "tick-off" visitors and make them leave.

Jon Glick Spills the Beans... [top]
Mike Grehan's eMarketing News October 13, 2004

Excellent transcript interview with Yahoo Search Manager, Jon Glick. Interviewed by Mike Grehan.

Microsoft's New Search Engine [top]
October 13, 2004

A search technology preview page has been setup by the developers at Microsoft, to showcase their search initiative and allow the general public to comment on its potential. Click on the title above and take it for a test drive!

Get Flash Sites Ranked in Search Engines [top]
BY Shari Thurow, ClickZ - Grant Crowell contributed to this column
October 11, 2004

In spite of all the hoopla surrounding Google's and Yahoo's new ability to index Macromedia Flash sites, I usually don't recommend building a Flash site if search engine optimization (SEO) is considered an online marketing priority.

Flash still presents a big obstacle to having your site spidered by the search engines and an even greater obstacle to ranking well for keyword search results. Not only do Flash-designed sites typically lack much of the indexable content search engines require, they also often employ redirects from their splash pages, which are considered spam by the search engines.

Google's Trap, DMOZ's Nap, And Yahoo!'s Crap [top]
Dean Phillips, WebProNews
October 8, 2004

On November 16th, 2003, Google commenced an update (the Florida update) which had a catastrophic effect for a very large number of websites and, in the process, turned search engine optimization upside down. It is common to give alphabetical names to Google's updates in the very same way that names are given to hurricanes, and this one became known as "Florida".

Why Making Web Sites Search Engine Friendly Will Improve Results [top]
Dianna Huff, DH Communications (
October 5, 2004

Business owners today may understand the sales and marketing potential of web sites, but not how to help others find their sites. Speaking at a meeting of the Connecticut IABC, marketing communications consultant Dianna Huff explained the value of Search Engine Optimization.

Hartford, Connecticut (PRWEB) October 5, 2004 -- Business owners today may understand the sales and marketing potential of web sites, but, "You can't simply build a site and expect people to come," Dianna Huff, a marketing communications consultant and copywriter explained at a meeting of the Connecticut Chapter of the International Association of Business Communicators (CT/IABC) in Hartford.