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Search Engine Optimization News - November, 2004
Blogs - Diamond in the Rough for your Marketing? [top]
By Richard Zwicky
November 30, 2004

Blogs are a potential diamond in the rough for your website's marketing campaign. They offer readers a goldmine of insights, provided by business leaders, market leaders, innovators, philosophers, marketers, political commentators, and many other opinion makers who never before have enjoyed such easy access to a simple and unmoderated public forum in which to share their opinions, ideas and insights.

Striking up digital video search [top]
November 29, 2004

As more people consume multimedia online, Google, Microsoft and Yahoo are quietly upping the ante with new search tools for video.

Healthnostics Announces New Internet Search Engine [top]
Source: Healthnostics, Inc.
Novemer 29, 2004

Semantically Searching Medical and Bioscience News

WASHINGTON, Nov. 29, 2004 (PRIMEZONE) -- Healthnostics, Inc. (Pink Sheets:HNST), a medical and bioscience information analytics and patient care improvement company, today announced the development of a new Internet search engine designed to semantically search a collection of news documents locally archived or resident on a remote database.

Blogging lets readers get together on Web site *Link No Longer Valid [top]
By Diane Evans, Knight Ridder Newspapers
November 26, 2004

(KRT) - So, readers, come blog with me. When my friend and colleague, Rita Kelly Madick, learned that I had become a new blogger, she wanted to know the proper lingo.

Computer Q&A: Cookies help you navigate the Net [top]
By David Radin,
November 25, 2004

Are you scared of your own shadow when it comes to computer threats? Do you protect your systems against viruses, spyware, cookies, Trojans, worms, hijackings and other nondescript threats to your privacy and personal well-being? I hope you do.

Keeping Up With Search Engines [top]
Use blogs as a guide.
By Sree Sreenivasan, Columbia Professor & Poynter Visiting Professor,

I am having a really tough time keeping up with all the developments in the world of search engines. It feels like major new features (or what some claim are major new features) are added every day.

Google: Secrets of a search engine [top]
By Kristi Hsu
November 23, 2004

It all started with a question. In 1938, mathematician Edward Kasner asked his young nephew to name a number that had a hundred zeros.

Macromedia simplifies content control [top]
By Ron Miller,
November 22, 2004

Department and agency officials make significant investments to set up their Web sites, but they often give little thought to post-design content management. Thankfully, a strength of Macromedia Contribute has always been providing a way for users to enter and publish content without altering the underlying design. More importantly, it doesn't require the time or attention of Web development staff. This approach gives control to end users and allows Web development employees to work on design and back-end issues.

MSN Search Now Taking Submissions [top]
By Kevin Newcomb, ClickZ News
November 19, 2004

Continuing on its new path of openness and transparency, the MSN Search blog last night posted some hints on how a site can be listed in MSN Search's index, along with links to a new help page for site owners.

Microsoft extends Overture ad contract [top]
By Matt Hines, CNET
November 18, 2004

Yahoo's Overture Services division has extended its deal to provide ad placement technology to Microsoft Web portal, the companies said Thursday.

Can Flash Gain Search Engine Respect? *Link No Longer Valid [top]
By Matt Hicks, eWEEK
November 17, 2004

LAS VEGASFor Web sites based on Macromedia Flash, search engines are anything but friendly. The major crawlers used to discover content rarely dig deep into Flash, often missing pages or, worse yet, ignoring sites altogether.

Inconceivable! 7 Misconceptions About Lead Generation [top]
by Mike Schultz and John Doerr
November 16, 2004

As service and technology firms begin to awaken from a long, recession-inspired hibernation period, they are again beginning to think about proactive lead generation. If your firm is stepping up outbound marketing, your first step should be to re-examine your firm's thinking about what works and what doesn't.

E Solutions Launches Web Content Management Tool to Help Small Businesses Take Ownership of Online Presence *Link No Longer Valid [top]
November 16, 2004

TAMPA, Fla.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Nov. 16, 2004--E Solutions Corp. today announced the launch of E-CMS, a cost-effective electronic content management solution designed to give small businesses greater control over their web sites.

AOL Makes New Play For $52 Billion Online Travel Industry *Link No Longer Valid [top]
By Wendy Davis, - MediaDailyNews
November 15, 2004

America Online is partnering with Kayak Software to create a Web-based travel search site, the companies announced last week. Kayak, based in Norwalk, Conn., will power the search engine, while Dulles, Va.-based AOL will make a minority investment in the company.

AOL extends their Search Engine [top]
November 14, 2004

Search Engines seems to be going the browser engines way. There are few popular engines and companies are using them with value added services to make their own. And as expected Google seems to be the #1 choice for most companies out there. Same thing is happening with browsers; Firefox and Internet Explorer engine are being used by other companies/organizations/individuals to make their own browsers with added functionality.

Firefox Ignites Demand for Alternative Browser *Link No Longer Valid [top]
By Byron Acohido, USA Today
November 13, 2004

Linux came out of nowhere to challenge Microsoft in the computer server market, and lately has begun encroaching on its hallowed desktop software business. Mozilla would seek to revive the onetime leading browser by recruiting free help from volunteers worldwide, as Linux did.

What are Blogs, and Why Your Business Should Use One [top]
By Richard Zwicky, SiteProNews
November 12, 2004

A few weeks ago I was involved in a very strange conversation with some pretty bright people. One publishes a widely circulated industry magazine, another was an industry consultant, and the last was the CEO of a major corporation in the same industry. I'm not sure how the conversation evolved, but towards the end the consultant mentioned that another journal had done an excellent job syndicating their content through blogs and RSS feeds. The comment was quite unremarkable in and of itself. What happened next was not.

Microsoft to Launch New Search Engine [top]
by Scarlet Pruitt, IDG News Service
November 10, 2004

Software giant hopes to challenge Google with new search technology. Microsoft is set to unleash its much-anticipated search technology this week, as it ramps up efforts to take on market leader Google.

Ad Tracking Helps You Improve Sales [top]
Dr. Ralph F. Wilson, Wilson Internet
November 10, 2004

Why should you track ads? Tracking helps you decide what is working and what isn't. What's more, tracking will help you improve your advertising results incrementally but steadily.

Can You Afford Not to Optimize Your Site? [top]
by Lisa Wehr,
November 9, 2004

If your responsibility is to increase online revenue, you'll need the right resources. Investing in a search marketing campaign is like spending money on any other type of marketing. The costs parallel the challenges. And everyone's challenges are different. Robust campaigns generally start around $30,000, require 6-8 weeks to implement and result in benefits as diverse as the campaigns themselves.

Blog Search Engine Brings MoBlogs Into Search Engine World [top]
By WebProNews, Staff Writer
November 8, 2004

Blog Search Engine and IceRocket Search have partnered to bring cell phone pic blogs, or MoBlogs, into the search engine world with a new search feature which produces image results of the latest MoBlogs images available.

Professional Website Do's and Don'ts [top]
By Wynn Wilder, SiteProNews
November 5, 2004

A professional website is, above all else, professional. What constitutes professional though? This question has been asked by many, and the answers are as varied as those asking the question. There are at least a hundred or more possible aspects to consider, some consisting of parts of others, such as demographics and content. Each factor has its own affect on how customers perceive a website.

Google Help - Cheat Sheet [top]
November 4, 2004

Would you like to refine your searching techniques? Try Google's very own help page! Google's cheat sheet will help you become a more sophisticated searcher.

Yahoo hires former ABC network chief *Link No Longer Valid [top]
By Adam Steinhauer, Bloomberg News
November 3, 2004

Yahoo! Inc., owner of the world's second-most-used Internet search engine, hired former ABC television network Chairman Lloyd Braun as head of media and entertainment.

Google's Desktop Search Could Change SEM Forever [top]
BY Fredrick Marckini,
November 1, 2004

Google was first to market a desktop search utility. Well, actually, others were first, but Google's the one everyone noticed. That matters.