SEO Expert Website Optimization and Consulting

Maximize your search engine visibility!

To compliment Metamend's monthly SEO service, Metamend also offers manual consulting and optimization from our SEO expert staff. Our highly-skilled SEO Consultants will analyze your site's content from the perspective of the search engine spiders, and research the most effective relevant keyword phrases to ensure that your web site will stand above the competition.

...and above all, Metamend promises outstanding Customer Support!

Declare WAR on poor search engine placement with a Metamend Website Analysis Report (WAR)

Your website will be analyzed personally by our in-house SEO expert staff, whose skills specialize in identifying and removing hidden search engine barriers.

This popular report will identify and suggest corrections for specific search engine related barriers which are preventing your website from reaching its potential.

  • Design and navigation issues
  • Server-side configuration
  • Meta Tag formatting
  • Keyword and phrase density
  • Keyword and phrase prominence
  • Inbound and outbound linking analysis
  • Internal linking analysis
  • Coding errors (HTML, XHTML, ASP, Javascript etc)
  • Insider tips, long term strategies, tutorials and more!

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Metamend believes in one-on-one, personalized customer support - an absolute necessity in today's rapidly growing Tech sector. We also understand that the subject of Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and Web Site Optimization is a new territory for many people. Our philosophy is that it should be an educational process.

Our SEO Technicians are extremely well versed in both identifying any SEO barriers that exist on your web site, and removing those barriers for you, so you can concentrate on running your business!