Organic SEO Services – Technology + Knowledge = Search Engine Success

Metamend uses a combination of technology and human hand-coding to optimize each page of your website for premium search engine placements. Each search marketing campaign is planned and detailed, starting with a comprehensive audit of your website, search marketing opportunities and the competitive environment shown in search results. With expertise ranging from traditional and creative search engine optimization (SEO) to deeply-analytic pay-per-click (PPC), Metamend offers clients a full spectrum of search engine marketing services.

Metamend Methodology

Search Marketing Technology – Website Analytics are an SEO’s Best Friend

Our experienced SEO/SEM team collects and analyzes a wide array of data when researching, preparing and executing website marketing campaigns. Along with our own proprietary technology, Metamend uses Enquisite Search Analytics to provide reliable keyword/location driven metrics.

Our proprietary technology allows our SEO team to track any number of “events” that relate to the promotion of our clients’ websites. Detailed knowledge of the environment we work in gives Metamend’s SEO staff considerable advantages. A rough schematic diagram outlines how our in-house analytics tool works.

Service Architecture (legend):

External Information Events:

Events happening on the World Wide Web with information derived from URL/RSS feeds, Search Engine APIs, client weblogs, search spider activity, directories, and other sources.

Data Collection and Correlation:

Metamend collects a lot of information relevant to our search engine marketing campaigns. We store it on a central server where we mix and match that information based on an algorithm patented by one of our founders. The output provides the detailed set of metrics that make our search marketing efforts successful.

SEO/SEM Event Manager and Heads-up-Display Dashboard features:

Metamend’s in-house Event Manager feeds our SEO staff the valuable information they need to perform the best-of-class services Metamend prides itself on. The Event Manager generates a number of automated reports that are shown on the HUD Dashboard on each SEO’s computer. Our staff can make many of these reports available to clients at the push of a button.

SEO/SEM Monitoring Center:

The Monitoring Center provides our SEO/SEM staff with critical information the instant it is needed. This allows us to take immediate action when necessary and gives us the ability to continuously perform the minor tweaks and tuning required to maintain strong search engine placements.

Metamend’s Monitoring Center helps us provide our clients with the most detailed website audit and analysis reports possible. In many cases, our client-reporting systems are automated, allowing clients to view and use our live-time website analytics whenever they need to.

In the competitive world of search engine optimization and marketing, a lot of knowledge is a lot of power. When changes in search results occur, our staff knows about it. When a client’s competitors add new content, our staff sees it. When there is opportunity to advance our clients’ interests or improve their search engine placements, our team is on it.

Among the Metamend advantages, our ability to provide 24/7 monitoring of web events relating to your PPC or SEO campaign drives the success behind our services. As search engine algorithms or spider technology changes, or as keyword search frequencies move up or down in usage, Metamend can react to ensure you maintain and grow your online market position.

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How does the Metamend SEO service work?

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