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SEO Services to Increase your Leads and Sales

You may have noticed that the traffic from search engines has become the lifeblood of your website, no matter how big or small your organization. Increasing search traffic can have a positive effect on the amount of people who buy your product, download your software or fill out your contact form.

Improving your site's search engine positioning generates more site traffic and more leads, leading to more sales and ultimately, more profit for your organization. Increasing your site's ranking in the search engine results through search engine optimization techniques leads to better exposure to potential customers in your marketplace. Optimization for the natural search listings (as opposed to Pay-Per-Click listings) is often called 'organic SEO'.

Benefits of Organic SEO Services:

  • Boosts your overall ranking and improves your website's placement.
  • Have your website found by the search engines.
  • Increases the equity and value of your site for the long term.
  • Attracts qualified, targeted customers, helping you increase your revenue.

Our search engine optimization (SEO) services deliver reliable results, a strong Return On Investment (ROI) and follow a best SEO practice approach. Choosing the right SEO service from a reputable search engine optimization company is perhaps your most important internet marketing strategy decision. The right solution will be fixated on delivering a strong ROI (see our SEO ROI Calculator) on your marketing investment by maximizing your overall sales performance.

The value of our SEO services to your company is based upon the value of a relevant visitor to your site. If 1% of your website traffic converts to sales or business opportunities, doubling your relevant website traffic will double your online business! As your search traffic increases over time, the cost of aquiring each customer will decrease, with the same monthly investment in our implementation and support services.

For a complete ROI analysis, try our SEO ROI Calculator below:


Additional factors that may influence your ROI are how many pages you are optimizing, how much optimization your website requires, and the size of your site (page views). Our SEO specialists ensure that the service you select is tailored to your needs.

Complete our FREE SEO Analysis to find out how what we can do to improve your site for the search engines, or call us today at 1.866.381.6382 for a no obligation, FREE analysis of your website.

Which SEO Solution is Right for You?

The first step of any SEO campaign is to define how customers search for what you provide, that is, the keyword phrases that they use when searching online for your product or service. Only after this keyword research is completed is your website examined to determine which on-page keyword messaging and site wide technical modifications are required to help you present your site to the search engines in the correct way. Our 'SEO Site Audit' service provides you with the keyword research and website update information that gives you a solid foundation to develop your search rankings and traffic.

During the Implementation and Support service our SEO technicians can help you update your website following the SEO strategy laid out in the SEO Audit. Both on-page optimization work and site wide issues are addressed in conjunction with you and your website developers, with search traffic improvements monitored using state-of-the-art analytic software. During this phase we are also able to assist you to ensure any changes to your site, such as new pages or a updated naviagation structure, are implemented with the search engines in mind. The SEO Implementation and Support service allows you to react to changes in your search market, provides value to both users and the search engines, and is an investment in your web property which will last for the life of the site.

Our Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Services

Our SEO services are suitable for any website, no matter the industry or the size of your organization. Start with the SEO Site Audit which gives you the plan for search engine success, and then move into monthly Implementation and Support to ensure your website is updated with the required changes for maximum effect with the search engines. We can also help to plan a migration to a new site design for minimal loss of search traffic or create targeted web-page content with our copywriting service.

If you need to increase your website traffic, speak to one of our SEO consultants to find out what you need to do to increase your exposure in the search engines and increase search traffic. We can help you find the suite of SEO services that fit your needs or to develop a more customized approach. Please fill out our online quote request form or contact us by phone.

Site Audit

Our SEO Technicians tabulate key observations and prepare an 'SEO Site Audit'. This in-depth strategic and technical website analysis report outlines in detail each fundamental search engine road block which is followed by recommended changes and long term solutions.

Implementation and Support

During the SEO Implementation and Support phase of the campaign, our SEO Technicians prepare the changes described in the ‘Analysis Phase'. Either by working with your Web Developer, or implementing all of the work on the Web Developer's behalf to ensure that the site stays current and continues to make the adjustments for the search engine audience.

Site Planner

Site Planner is a customized approach as no two sites are the same. Metamend will consult and assist your web development team during the design and programming of new site to ensure all of the search engine factor's are considered. Metamend will Perform detailed traffic audit and provide recommendations to ensure all your current traffic is preserved.

SEO CopyWriting

Our experience shows that website content development is critical to ensure the success of any Search Optimization program. It lays the necessary foundation for scalable long-term site traffic development with measurable ROI, and dramatically increases the value of your web presence.

Targeted Landing Page Design

Metamend has the tools and expertise through content development to retain new and repeat visitors and to funnel site traffic to meet your goals. The process of funnelling site visitors through a Targeted Landing Page towards pre-established goals increases the chances of making those visits convert.

Strategic Back Link Program

Back-link analysis and optimization will provide an added degree of search visibility in the major engines. By targeting and linking with relevant sites and partners, you will provide added traffic and search visibility to your site. Metamend's backlinking program provides a long term solution to help grow the equity in your site.

WordPLAY - Long Tail Keyword Research

WordPLAY is the strategic element of Search Engine Optimization (SEO) that identifies and quantifies phrases / words offering the greatest Return on Investment (ROI) and branding opportunities within the search engines. This is accomplished by identifying both short and long tail phrase searches, using tools and data to determine their ROI potential.

Why Choose Metamend as your SEO Services Company

Metamend is a leading North American based SEM/SEO Company recognized for delivering best practice search optimization and web site promotion services. Since 1998, a core team of search marketing professionals have specialized in developing a strong SEO methodology for web marketing and optimization programs for valued clients around the world. Metamend's SEO services continue to help large and small companies with web marketing and communication strategies. Our core focus is client success.