Landing Page Design - Targeted Landing Page Strategy

Maximize Your Search Engine Visibility with Expert Copy Writing and Design

When searchers enter specific keywords into a search engine, they are looking for information relating to those keywords. Giving them the information they are asking for, using the words they want to see is the best way to drive traffic to your website. Metamend makes it easy. Our job is to get your website the visitors you need to succeed online.

Built to work with organic, PPC and social network search references, our Targeted Landing Pages Strategy combines a world renowned designer, experienced copywriters and Metamend's powerful SEO technicians. The search engine marketplace has expanded to include an increasing number of vertical and topic-specific search venues. It’s our job to make sure your business is visible in all of them.

Each Targeted Landing Page is custom developed by Metamend's core team:
  • Each page is written by the best in the business.

    Text content can make or break the success of a landing page. Our expert copywriters can hone the messaging of the landing page to give your customers the information they need to make an informed choice about your product or service, leading to improved conversions.

  • Each page is designed by the best in the business.

    Renowned designer Anthony Milchard has designed for the Ottawa Senators NHL Hockey Team (team logo), and the Department of National Defense. His portfolio includes many other high level design projects.

  • Each page is optimized for search engine positioning by the best in the business.

    Metamend is among the leading North American SEM / SEO Companies. Recognized for delivering best practice search optimization and web site promotion services since 1998, our core team of search marketing professionals specialize in developing web marketing and optimization programs for valued clients around the world. We’re only getting better at it.

Metamend’s award winning services uses a combination of talented trained consultants, and our own proprietary software technology. With more than 1000 clients in over 60 countries, Metamend SEO services helps large and small companies with web marketing and communication strategies. Our customers’ success is the hallmark of our success.

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