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Internet Marketing Services

SEO Services

Draw qualified traffic

Search referral traffic creates new business and invigorates old markets. Companies from Amazon to Zappo's, from Wikipedia to Encyclopedia Britannica, from YouTube to Facebook benefit significantly from search traffic. Online search creates new demand for those companies that build search engine friendly websites. How friendly is your site?

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PPC Management

Pay Per Click can provide your business with instant revenue!  The art is to know what words and phrases to target, the cost benefit, and most importantly the rate of return.  Successful PPC campaigns generate a five to one or greater return on spend.   That is, for every dollar you spend, you get back 5 dollars in revenue. What’s your rate of return?

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Conversion Optimization

Are your prospects just looking, or are they taking actions when they visit your website? Are they buying, subscribing, downloading and asking questions, or are they simply browsing and leaving? Is your website engaging visitors?

Conversion rates for old fashioned mail are less than 1%. In the digital market, new conversion rates can vary from 4% to 8%, and can reach levels of over 30% with well designed messages. If your site traffic conversion is on par with old fashioned mail, you're letting prospects (b to b) and customers (b to c) slip through your fingers. Even worse, their next internet destination may be your competition! What would a doubling of your conversion rate do to your revenue?

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Reputation Management

Your most valuable company asset is the brand. It is also the most vulnerable to theft in the digital age. How are you protecting your company and clients from internet fraud and corporate revenue loss?

Executives and products may come and go, but your brand lives on! And it lives in place like blogs, news media, online reviews, video sites, and other websites whose collective digital presence is larger than yours. Are you in control or have you been losing control of your most valuable asset? Who is infringing on your brand, products, web traffic or influencing your customers? What is your liability to your digital brand abuse?

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