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Smarter is a comparison shopping engine, owned and operated by MeziMedia. MeziMedia was founded in 2001, by Talmadge O'Neill and Harry Tsao, ex-Overture employees. MeziMedia operates in 10 countries worldwide. The main headquarters is situated at Los Angeles, California. Smarter was launched in 2004, and employs over 100 people as of December, 2005. Smarter garners over 2 million visits per month.

When studying your Google Adsense account you can sometimes see patterns arise. You may have assumed that these were your standard "Website Usage Patterns" that exist with all sites. Different products and different websites peak at different times. This is simply due to your market. With PPC Assurance and Click Fraud Tracking software, you can interpret these patterns in a different way. These patters now look like refunds!

Smarter's model is to provide users with a method of researching and comparing products before purchasing. Users can see exact pricing and compare these prices between merchant members. Furthermore, users can write product reviews and supply feedback about merchants. This feedback is filtered into a merchant rating.

The main page is busy with categories. The search bar is located at the top and bottom of the page. Just below the top search bar there are predefined category buttons. Some of these categories include clothing, electronics, movies, music, photography, software and video games. The bulk of the main page is taken up by an expanded list of these categories, with hyperlinks below each leading to more specific products. For example, under 'Computers' there are links to laptops, monitors, projectors etc.

If a user wants to narrow down a search, say for a book, he/she can enter the book's title into the search bar, then access a small drop down menu to the right of the search bar, and click the appropriate category, in this case 'Books.'

The product search and comparison at Smarter is pretty standard stuff, with a simple interface and no advanced options for the user. After an entry is submitted, the user is taken to a results page where products are displayed. Each product has a thumbnail picture to the left, followed by a brief description, a rating and review (if applicable), and a price to the right accompanied by a comparison button. The comparison button takes the user to a new page, where he/she can analyze a product's price between merchants, view a rating and review about the merchants selling the product, and access links to expanded info about these merchants.


Merchants who list their wares with Smarter pay fees on a cost-per-click, or CPC basis. With this model, merchants get to decide how high they are placed within Smarter's results, by the amount they wish to bid-the higher the bid, the higher the placement. This bid amount transfers to the CPC rate the merchant has to pay every time a user clicks through to their site from Smarter's directory. Smarter's 'Account Management Tool' gives merchants the flexibility of setting bids on individual products, all products within a category, or their whole inventory. For more information on pay-for-placement, please see the following link.

Smarter's partners include: Linkshare, Channel Advisor, Mercent and Snap.

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