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Advice and techniques for the marketing and promotion of your web site plus breaking Search Engine Optimization News and valuable resources for the serious on-line marketer.

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Welcome to the premier issue of "The Mender"

Each month we feature tips, tricks and techniques for improving the marketing and promotion of your website, plus the breaking news at Metamend and valuable resources for the serious webmarketer.

=> What's New at Metamend?

This past month has been a very busy one at Metamend. We have increased the free promotional services section of our site to include free reciprocal links, a free doorway page for your website plus automatic registration of the doorway page in up to 30 search engines. Check out all the free website promotion services and tell all your friends they can add a link for free too. The more the merrier!

We have also made several technical enhancements to our metamengine for subscription based services. Metamend staff, as well as representatives of Automated Site Promotion Ltd, attended the ISPCon in Florida at the end of May.

They introduced our services to major industry players, as well as individual site operators. To put it mildly, response was phenomenal! We are now in negotiation with several companies.

Stay tuned for more information on these exciting developments.

=> Learning to promote your site can be an overwhelming task. Where do you start?

Well... We might as well start with the basics.

=> How does a search engine index my Website?

Most search engines utilize indexing software agents often called robots or spiders. These agents are programmed to constantly "crawl" the Web in search of new or updated pages. They will essentially go from URL to URL until they have visited every website on the Internet.

When visiting a Web site, an agent will record the full text of every page (home and sub-pages) within the site and also read your metatags within the source code of your page. Assumming of course, you have metatags. You do have metatags right? If you are a metamend client, you already have "optimized" metatags, which are even better.

If you have a website without metatags on your page, you're practically invisible to most search engines. Once your page has been located by a search engine their "robot" will continue through your pages to visit all external links as directed by your pages. Following these external links helps a search engine rate your site. The more reciprocal links your site has, the better. Part of the formula for judging a website's placement within the search engines is based upon the number of external links pointing out from your site and back to your site. Robots then revisit your site periodically to refresh the recorded information.

=> Administrator's Chalk Board

If you are responsible for administrating more than one site these tips are for you. Affiliate programs have grown to become one of the most popular ways to earn an income from web site's traffic. Most affiliate programs are designed to allow you to simply set up and begin earning commissions on visitors and sales you refer. However, the quality of the programs, and the results you will see, vary greatly from program to program, making it important to choose wisely.

Things to consider:

1. Stability of the company - Has the company and the site been around a while, or did they just appear last week?

2. Synergies with your site - Does the affiliation add something to your site, or is it just an extra button slowing download speed?

3. Commission Tracking - Can you track if people are buying from your link?

When making a decision as to whether to become an affiliate, think carefully; the right choice for your site may or may not earn you much money, but it will enhance your overall site.

=> Webmaster's Corner

Our webmasters are always coming up with valuable information. Here's a tip that may come in handy. As a website designer, one of your biggest concerns is not making the look good but rather, making it look good on as many different browsers as possible. To help you decide which to program for, have a look at the following stats. Following is a 1999 breakdown for two of the most popular browsers, Microsoft Internet Explorer and of course Netscape:

Internet Explorer 45.99% of Market Share

Most popular version ranked by popularity...
Explorer 4.x 65.50%
Explorer 5.x 18.31%
Explorer 3.x 15.64%
Explorer 2.x 0.52%
Explorer 1.x 0.00%

Netscape 30.57% of Market Share

Most popular version ranked by popularity...
Netscape 4.x 84.54%
Netscape 3.x 14.11%
Netscape 2.x 1.12%
Netscape 1.x 0.20%

=> Programmer's Snippet

Each issue our techies offer tidbits for the technically inclined. Here's the latest...

Javascript: Ever wanted to have a "print" button inside your web page so the user doesn't have to use the print button in the browser?? Well, here is a little code that will give it to. This small piece of Javascript invokes the browser's print function directly. Cut and Paste this code for use:

<a href="Javascript:window.print();">PRINT</a>

Note: replace the "PRINT" label with other text or an image for the print button.

Perl: Parsing out the filename and/or path from a string can be tricky, but very useful. Check these out!

$filename =~ s/.*\///; - isolates filename $path =~ s/.*\/.*/$1/; - isolates path

OR to get both:

if($string =~ /.*\/.*/){ $path = $1; $filename = $2;}

Web Resource of the Month

Each issue we feature a website having true merit for the web marketer. If you have a suggestion for a future WROTM or something you would like to see in a future issue of The Mender, simply fill out our Feedback Form.

This month's featured site:
Best Of Webmasters - A veritable cornucopia of valuable information. You may get lost in here for days!

Best Regards from the Staff at Metamend.

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