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Welcome to "The Mender"

What's New at Metamend?
We've added a page of banner ads. If you wish to develop a true reciprocal link with Metamend visit this page, download a banner and place it somewhere on your site. Next month we'll be introducing a banner exchange program. Get a jump on this exciting opportunity by following the instructions here.


WebSite Marketer Tips

Absolutely Positively Must Have Marketing Tip #1 - META TAGS
Meta Tags are the key to your position and in all search engine rankings. You should not submit your web site to the search engines until you have properly prepared Meta Tags on your site.

Search engines only create indexes for pages they can find and read properly. Meta Tags are what search engines look for when they create those listings. Poor or missing Meta Tags will mean lousy placement or worse, no listing for your site at all! Why spend all your time and money building a web page to experience no visitors and lost sales? Put the correct Meta Tags in the source code of your pages or hire us to do it for you, otherwise your website is practically invisible to a search engine. You must have meta tags!

Administrator's Chalk Board - Verifying Integrity.
Shopping on the web is seeing a 50% increase in growth over last year. In part, the credit for this explosive growth can be attributed to efforts in the technical and marketing areas to build consumer confidence. One other area that might be helping within e-commerce sites are the so-called consumer watchdog sites or rating systems on the net. There are several agencies on-line now that benefit both the web site owner who is marketing services/products and his/her potential customer.

The advantage for an Internet entrepreneur, is to help ease your potential customers fears by participating in one of the programs which reviews your site not just for content, but also based on business practices. When you're accredited, visitors to your site will see an "emblem" on your page to signify that you have pledged to follow ethical and fair business practices. These agencies benefit the consumer and the merchant in a variety of ways, one of the most important being by providing a publicly viewable scoring system for the store; allowing the consumer to rate competitive outlets on-line. Another nice feature is that many of these organizations provide an independent feedback desk which allows for the posting of anonymous comments to be forwarded to the company, either to let them know how pleased they are, or if they feel have been let down.

There are many of these organizations available on the web, some like BBBonline are well known brick and mortar organizations which have made the jump to on-line reviews.

Webmaster's Corner - How Many Colors?
As a Web Designer, you have probably been faced with the challenge of displaying colors in different browsers. You have probably asked yourself the question, "Am I limited to 256 colors? And if so, how do they look on a Mac?" Well here is the answer: You are limited to 216 colors [not a typo...really - it's 216]. Most graphics [i.e.. Adobe Photoshop] editors will elude to this with reference to something called a "safety" palette or "web safe" colors. In order to preserve the multi-platform/browser web environment, someone has actually taken the time to find out exactly what colors look the same across the board; in the process 40 of the colors were eliminated, leaving us with 216.
And just where can you view these colors for real? Click here!

Programmer's Snippet - Sorting It Out
Data sorting can be one of the most crucial elements to fast, efficient scripts. The simplest of the sorting routines might use arrays to store the data/list elements. While this method is effective, it is slow and allows little opportunity for creative use of the data. For instance, suppose you wanted to prioritize a list of items based on your need for each item. You need for each item is signified by a number between 1 and 10. If there were 35 things on your list, each having some priority level between 1 and 10, how would you sort them?

my @array = ("some list of 35 items"); ## I would like this list sorted ##
The problem with the above scenario is that their is no way to associate the priority number to each item. The construct that allows us to do this is called an associative array, or hash.

my %hash = ( 'list_item'=>'priority',

A hash consists of key,value pairs. With the key, one can access the value. So, now we have found a way to associated the priority with each item.

foreach my $list_item (@array){ $hash{$list_item} = "priority - between 1 and 10";
Once we have made all the necessary associations in %hash, we can now sort the list by priority.

for each my $key (sort {($hash{$a} <=> $hash{$b})or($hash{$a} cmp $hash{$b})}keys %hash){
print "Task \# $hash{$key}: $key\n";

We used the perl function "keys" which returns an array (list) of all the keys in the given %hash. By wrapping the sort{} call into the for each statement, the list of keys returned by the function keys will be sorted according to the rules of the sort routine. This particular example is sorting the keys by their associated values.

The lesson here is that while arrays are a reliable data type for storing and handling lists, associative arrays, or
hashes allow for greater efficiency while sorting. Happy coding.

Web Resource of the Month
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This month's featured site:
Krislyn's Strictly Business Sites
Thousands of resources in over 50 different business-related categories. Very well organized.

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