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Welcome to "The Mender" Issue 31


    W3C - World Wide Web Consortium - MarkUp Validation Service
    If you have ever wanted to validate your code, try W3C's MarkUp Validation Service - A free service that checks documents like HTML and XHTML for conformance to W3C Recommendations and other standards.


    YellowBrix - Transforming Content Into Action
    YellowBrix provides an unequaled collection of authoritative real-time news and business information to empower customers, employees and partners to make better informed decisions in less time.


    Vignette - Content Management
    Vignette V7 is an integrated platform of applications and Web services that enables organizations to quickly deploy and efficiently manage content-rich Web applications and portals that deliver a compelling experience to customers, partners, suppliers and employees.


    Metamend - Frequently Asked Questions - Web Site Design Tips
    Metamend understands that the subject of Search Engine Optimization (SEO) technology is a new territory for many people. Their philosophy is that it should be an educational process. Check out their in-depth FAQ section on designing web sites with the search engines in mind!


    Getting Back to Search Engine Optimization Basics (again)
    By Andy Beal - January 20, 2003


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ADMINISTRATOR'S CORNER - SPAM - Don't we all love it?
by Richard Zwicky

In last month's newsletter, I made reference to that great online pleasure... Spam. In this issue, I will discuss what we have to look forward to, other than more pop-up windows. This year, the U.S. Congress will look at the issue of email spam. I'm in the midst of a 1 week trip. I logged on yesterday to check my email, and had to slog through 1010 'new' Email. 950 were complete junk. Downloading via AOL - the only service provider I've been able to use everywhere I've been, it took 3 hours. Good thing most spam is less than 10k.

Fortunately, there have been some tremendous technology improvements in email software over the past year. The rise of better, more stable and powerful server side filters such as Brightmail are a boon for any email user, making it possible to block spam from all email transfers on a mail server. It also make it much easier for users, and system administrators to block spam. Client side filters, such as the ones you can set up on a rules bases are great, but they still require you download the email to automatically filter it to the Kill File. In my case, even though I have 250+ filters set up in my email program, I still had to download them all. Server side filters mean in future - we will be installing our own software shortly - I will only get the email I need.

Although freedom of speech is a valued principle, around the free world, privacy is too. It should be expected that the abuse on privacy rights that result from being bombarded by spam will serve to help overcome objections to email "blacklists" - lists of email servers and groups that spawn overwhelming amounts of spam. These blacklists will become freely available, and will allow system administrators to block all email from offending servers, unless the email is requested. While this may pose problems from legitimate emailers who happen to send mail from servers within the same IP or range, it will also cause service providers to be more careful as to who uses their services, and for what purpose. No service provider will want to field telephone calls from angry customers who cannot send mail to friends or family because their IP range has been affected.

While the government may or may not enact legislation, let us not forget that the House of Representatives has passed such legislation in the past, and that the legislation never made it to the Senate. Considering how many members of Congress are now affected by this daily bombardment of unwanted information, we should all assume that future legislation is more likely to succeed and be implemented.

In the meantime, more and more companies will go the same route as we have elected to pursue, and will implement server side spam controls. Business cannot afford to spend time and money inefficiently every day sorting through what is and is not acceptable. After all, the technology revolution is all about improving efficiency, not simply having some inefficiencies replaced by others.

MARKETING Back To Basics: Networking
by Robert McCourty

Here's a word that comes straight from the eighties! Networking. Funny thing is, it's probably more important these days than ever. It's easy to get lost in the myriad of technology and sit for countless hours in front of a computer screen typing Email. But email will never truly replace face-to-face contact. There are subtleties of body language, eye contact etc., which cannot be reflected via email. These 'tactile' responses greatly contribute to building good business relationships. People like to gauge your expression. You like to size them up too. It's only human nature to trust your instincts when meeting someone for the first time.

Opportunities abound for business networking functions. There are probably dozens of business gatherings per week within your very own community. Your local Chamber of Commerce or Toastmaster's clubs are great places to start. They often prove to be very reliable places to pick up new leads and introduce yourself to someone who may be unfamiliar with your business. One of the most important aspects of these gatherings is the follow-up. Remember to send them a thank you note or nice to meet you, email, then follow-up with them on a business basis within a week or two. Once you've met someone it's much easier to re-approach them the second time around.

Another aspect of networking usually involves contributing a 'prize' or donation of goods and/or services, perhaps for a door prize. Consider these freebies as wise investments for your business. Getting the winner as a customer and treating them well, leads to the very best advertising you can get. Word of mouth. They will be happy to spread the news about your business for you, in a positive way. This can also help bring new customers in the future, so don't be afraid to donate when opportunity knocks. Networking is alive and well and a very cost-effective method of publicizing yourself. Get out there and circulate and don't forget to bring your business cards.

METAMEND CLIENT OF THE MONTH: Shylene Calla, Recycle Artist

Shylene Calla has been developing her unique style for many years. She is passionate about the resources of our planet and makes it a priority to have these sentiments reflected throughout her art work. Working in recycled art, Shylene has come to love the evolution of the work. Taking broken recycled materials in interesting combinations and creating something out of nothing, is inspirational for her as is learning about and working with recycled materials. Check out Shylene's unique artwork.


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