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Welcome to "The Mender" Issue 35



WebTrends Reporting Series
Enables Marketers to Optimize Search Results with Enhanced Search Engine Marketing Analysis.


Fast Fact About Froogle
by John Paulson

Froogle is a new product-based search engine that is currently developing and recently launched in beta phase. Froogle attempts to find the most relevant products based on your search terms.


The CSShark Answers FAQs - The CSS Know-How Site
What you always wanted to know about Cascading Style Sheets (CSS)


LIQUIFY - Turn your content into cash
Liquify is an open-source community based on the principle that content has value. Liquify technology is designed to enable creators of content to openly and honestly extract payment for that value from consumers. Charging for content will help make the digital world a safer, better and more exciting place.


New Alliance with ExactSeek Search Engine
Great news for all Metamend Clients! We have reached an agreement to produce a new Meta Tag for exclusive use within ExactSeek, an Internet Search Engine. ExactSeek is part of the Jayde Online, Inc. network. The new meta tag will be accepted by ExactSeek's search Spider on web sites optimized by our SEO services. This means our clients will soon have an exclusive pay-for-inclusion module for expedited indexing within the ExactSeek network.

New Web Site Optimization Scorecard
Hey check this out our latest greatest SEO tool! Now you can know for sure if your web site is search engine friendly. How optimized is your web site? Enough to get a perfect score? Find out for yourself. Try it out on your own or a friend's site. You can even Email the results to multiple recipients. Metamend clients of course will receive a more detailed version within their account administration areas. Don't wait. Take our new scorecard for a spin today!

Email the report to a friend, and if they sign up, and let us know you sent them, you'll get a bonus free month of service!

New Affiliates

We welcome the following new members to our affiliate program. Keep up the good work folks! Would you like to make some cool cash just by recommending our services to other web site owners? Sign up here!

New Channel Partner: WOW! Branding

WOW! is a highly influential brand strategy and communications company, which is rapidly achieving an international reputation. WOW! focuses on identifying, defining and then unleashing the WOW!ZoneTM for their clients. (this is where the brand really makes an emphatic difference) They relish the task of maximizing a powerful corporate positioning for clients who have the skills, the desire and the credentials to adopt a leadership position, and then following through with compelling and effective design and communications.
Email: [email protected]

ADMINISTRATOR'S CORNER: Building Content for your Clients
by Richard Zwicky

Search engine marketing is constantly evolving. An ongoing part of this evolution is the blurring of the line between creating content for the client, and creating content to attract the client. The most obvious sector herein is creating content for the exclusive goal of attracting the search engines. The idea being that if the web site is more attractive to the search engines - they have more of the content they are looking for, then the search engines will send more traffic, and those people might buy more.

Many businesses online will benefit when their pages perform well in the search engines, and that success must be respected, so that they do not to fall into the trap of exclusively creating pages for search engines rather than for customers. The person responsible for marketing in any business has to be concerned, first and foremost, about strategic marketing decisions which increase the client base in the long, and the short term.

Creating content for the search engines which has little meaningful content for a person will only achieve half the real goal. The marketer will be able to claim, with some measure of conviction, that they built a campaign which resulted in more potential clients coming to look at the business. It then falls on the sales department why more of these prospects did not convert. Unfortunately, while the business may have attracted more viewers, the marketing campaign did not properly target potential clients, and did not offer easy ways for the traffic it did attract to convert. The campaign did not include any sense of urgency around making a purchase.

When creating content online, and planning this content from a marketing perspective, don't forget your clients. They pay the bills, and they put the money into the marketing campaign. Build content from the perspective of what the end user will want to know. Build separate pages for each distinct question you are answering, or for each aspect of a strategy.

Write the content naturally, and then go back over it, tighten up the language, and put the right emphasis on the key terms you want emphasized to your clients. Doing this right will mean the search engines will get the message too. When the document is done, add links in the text to other related areas of the web site. Link back from those pages too where logical and possible. These internal links will help your visitors; If they don't understand what you are referring to, they can click the link and see a standalone section dealing with just that one subject. Search engines work the same way. If the content, and the linked content, doesn't make sense to a person, it certainly won't to a search engine.

So when building content for your web site, put yourself in your customer's shoes. To them, you are the expert in your field, it's why they have come to your business. If they knew as much as you, or had your contacts, they wouldn't need you. But they do need you. They need you because you are their trusted resource. If you fulfill that resource need, they will continue to come to you for answers, and when they need a product or service you offer, they come to you to make the purchases. The quickest purchaser to pick up on your wealth of information will be the search engines. They absorb all your knowledge quickly, and when someone asks the search engines where to find something that matches your area of expertise, they recommend your site with confidence. The higher up in the search results your web site ranks for that particular query, the more confident the search engine is that your web site is the right resource from which their client, the searcher, is likely to find the answer to their question.

If you create content properly, and continue to add to it on an ongoing basis, a few things happen. First off, your clients use your web site more. They also use it more and more as a resource, and eventually, as the place from which to purchase products or services. Having a good resource online means they will refer people there more often. At first, many of the referrals will just come to learn information - for education purposes. Eventually though, they will need one of your products or services, and since your web site is their trusted resource, they will contact you, or place an order online. In the meantime, the search engines will note that your web site has significant amounts of content. They will note ongoing activity - new content being added regularly. They will also note that more and more people link to your web site, and use it as a reference tool. They will reward your web site with more potential customers.

At the end of the day, the content you built for your clients, also was the content you built for the search engines. Their needs meshed perfectly, you killed two birds with one stone.

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