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The Changing Faces Of Google Adwords And Overture *Link No Longer Valid
By Ophir Cohen


Microsoft settings sights on search engines

Google buys search engine - PageRank RIP?
By Andrew Orlowski in San Francisco


ROBOTS.TXT Primer*Link No Longer Valid
By Alan Webb
Source: SEO Chat


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ADMINISTRATOR'S CORNER: Context Within Search and Optimization
by Richard Zwicky

A part of the problem in search engines relates to end users (you) expectations of what you will see in search results. I've run a few search query tests on the search engines recently. It's really an ongoing thing. I basically tested various wordings of the same question - "things search engines look for"; "things that a search engine looks for"; "what search engines look for"; and "what a search engine looks for," to see how dramatically the different search results would actually vary if the wording, but not the intent or meaning of what I was querying actually changed. Therefore I was testing how well the search engines would actually understand context.

Context is the next big frontier for the search engines. Two weeks ago Google announced it had purchased a UK based firm, principally for its contextual search capabilities; it begged the question how well was Google or any other engine, actually able to understand context within queries, at the present time. I won't bore you with all the details and data from all search engines for all the tests I ran - they all gave similar results. For the purposes of this article, in Google I used the queries "what a search engine looks for" and "what search engines look for". Only 1 web site appeared for both queries in the top 25. (our site of course!) Yet contextually these are the same query, but the search engines proved they had no contextual analysis built into their search algorithms. The search results had little to do with Google understanding the context and more to do with; did the web site operator or optimizer understand content well enough as to ensure the necessary information was found by the search engines, within a web site. Having the properly optimized content would ensure that a relevant web site would be able to fulfill the needs of a variety of contextually similar queries from the search engines.

This process of helping guide the search engine to better understand the context of a document, so that the engine can properly direct searchers to the right document, and thus ensure relevant results, is a the core of what any good search engine optimization firm must do. It should be at the core of every search engine algorithm, but obviously context is not yet there.

It is however at the core of our new phraseology technology, which is being worked into our service at this time. Eventually, this technology will be able to string together contextually and grammatically correct sentences summarizing a document. At this time it will, when fully integrated, start stringing together contextual key messages in a fashion which logically improves search engine performance. Our existing technology already ensures that our web site is in the top 3 results for the 2 queries mentioned above, but only just got us to the top 30 for the variant query "what does a search engine look for." Phraseology will build upon and improve this concept. It will help boost your rankings in more search results than ever before.

It will be interesting to see if Microsoft's new search engine due sometime next year, can do any better than the existing offerings. We keep hearing that it is going to be something better than Google. Alongside Yahoo pouring millions of dollars into combining FAST, Inktomi and Altavista into the new Yahoo! search tool, it will get more and more interesting. However, you must always remember that even if they all improve their contextual search abilities, they still need to be able to understand the proper context of the document that they are looking at. Our tests have proven the methodology, behind ensuring relevant placement based on content and context.

Marketing: Best Places To Submit Your Articles For Viral Traffic Generation
Guest Article from Terence Tan

If you've spent any time online trying to promote your website or business, you must have very likely realized that one of the most effective ways to generate tons of free targeted web traffic on a long term basis is to write your own informative articles and freely distribute them to other webmasters and ezine publishers for their use. Some of the benefits of this amazing strategy include:

-It's totally FREE and gets links to your website distributed to a huge number of other related websites on a permanent basis. No need to pay for the links... no need to give a return link on your own website to other sites.

-The presence of your links in many other websites also directly increases your Google PageRank and increases the targeted free traffic you get from search engines!

-When people see your name and website/company in the bylines of the articles on different sites, you will naturally be thought of as an "expert" in that field... This increases your credibility and makes it more likely that your visitors will take your recommendations to them more seriously.

The purpose of this article is to seek to create a comprehensive list of places where writers can submit their articles for distribution. By creating this list based on the contributions and "tip offs" of the visitors to, we hope to save you the large amounts of time searching the web for websites and article announcement services. (Yes, you can try to use google to search for "article submission sites" but you will waste precious time going through a lot of unrelated websites.)

If you find this useful, please bookmark it and use it whenever you have new articles to distribute. We will continue to update it with the latest links as we get "tip offs" from our visitors. If you have any links to suggest to us, please let us know using the "Contact Us" page on

If you would like to reproduce this article and link resource in your website/ezine to increase your website's "stickability", please feel free to do so. (because of the convenience of finding all the possible submission sites on one page, many writers will bookmark your site if you have this resource on it.) Go ahead... Bookmark this page NOW! Please reproduce the whole article including any reference to though.

Here Are The Links: Hope you found this article useful. Remember... bookmark this page and if you discover any other good sites to distribute articles through, let me know. Thanks!

About The Author

Terence Tan is the creator of, a web site dedicated towards the development of Multi Level Affiliate Programs as an alternative system of business.

Visit to learn how MLAP's can multiply your affiliate referral commissions AND for the most updated version of this list of places to distribute your articles.

This article was originally found on the Marketing Seek web site.


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