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Welcome to "The Mender" Issue 48


A Lesser Role for News Navigation
By Steve Outing
December 20, 2004

Blinkx Launches TV Content Search Engine
December 17, 2004

Google wins in trademark lawsuit
Source: The Associated Press
December 15, 2004

How Do Sub directories Affect Search Engine Rankings?
By Dr. Ralph F. Wilson, Wilson Internet
December 15, 2004


New Partner: Metamend Welcomes InQuent Technologies

InQuent has selected Metamend as its provider for search engine submission and search engine optimization (SEO) technology and services. InQuent will be integrating Metamend's technologies into its comprehensive suite of services for their Private Label Clients' hosting customers.
InQuent Technologies has been delivering leading edge, private-label hosting solutions since 1997. Its integrated products and services, superior customer support and innovative technology infrastructure enable service providers to succeed in the shared hosting market. Large hosting companies and major telecoms across North America and around the world turn to InQuent for its flexible platform, ease of integration and best of breed services to make the end user web site successful. Read the complete press release here:

New Partner: Metamend welcomes Invision

Metamend and Invision Internet Services, Inc., have entered into a private label agreement to provide Metamend's search engine optimization (SEO) technology to Invision Internet Services client base. Invision Internet Services is a whole new kind of place on the Internet dedicated to the people with Small Businesses, Internet Businesses, and Hobbyists alike, They provide complete turnkey or a la carte solutions to Infopreneurs, NOHO/SOHO groups, Entrepreneurs and Affiliate Businesses. Metamend welcomes aboard Invision and their clients.
Invision Internet Services

Read the complete press release here:

Article: What are Blogs and Why Your Business Should Use One
by Richard Zwicky

There are plenty of great reasons why your business should be using a Blog. Read all about them here:

Marketing: Internet Gardening Tips for 2005
by Robert McCourty

Everyone know you need to clean out the weeds and plant seeds and nurture business if you want it to grow. Get a jump on next years crop by checking out these internet marketing gardening tips for 2005. Complete article here:

Enterprise Project Management Ltd.

"In May 2004 we awarded the search engine optimization work for our web site to Metamend. Our competition in the search engines was Microsoft, Pangaea, Systemcorp, and others, and we were nowhere to be found. Six weeks later we're number 1 in Yahoo, # 8 in MSN, and we've been swamped with new business and inquiries. Metamend's search engine optimization service delivered far more than anyone could have expected! It's worth every penny many times over!"
Leonard Trisko,
Vice President,
Enterprise Project Management Ltd.

Search for "enterprise project management" in Yahoo! and look for:
"Enterprise Project Management Ltd."


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