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Welcome to "The Mender" Issue 11




Metamend welcomes At Your e-Service as a new technology partner. At Your e-Service enables web-based applications and services to be promoted and sold through sales channels where business customers purchase technology solutions. These sales channels include computer retail stores, catalog resellers, corporate resellers, VARs, ISPs and Portals.


Metamend is pleased to offer our clients a premium opportunity to attract additional targeted traffic to your site. We now offer direct access to GoTo listings services. The GoTo search engine and affiliates reach 75% of all Internet users. List your site with GoTo and put yourself in the #1 search position on popular sites like America Online, Lycos, and Hotbot! Sign up through Metamend now and we'll give you a credit toward your GoTo account! List with GoTo today! Click here to get started:


Our new Multilingual Thesaurus tool is almost ready to roll. It's in the final testing phases and results thus far have been very encouraging. This tool will significantly enhance our existing technology by adding the ability to generate relevant synonyms, homonyms and even alternative phrasing structures for integration into your keywords. Thanks to this innovative technology we will soon be able to market your web site on the Internet in different languages! A translation module will also be incorporated allowing the interchange of optimized keywords between any specified language. The first five languages slated for integration are English, French, Spanish, German and Portuguese. It will expand your marketplace...Big time!

The new tool will be the first of its kind to be used for web site keyword generation and search engine optimization. Metamend's valued Clients will have exclusive access to this truly innovative SEO technology and we are very proud to be able to bring it to you. We will be bundling this technology into our ever expanding package of services, so look for our special launch announcement very soon.


More innovation! You can now have your web site's Title Tag optimized at the same time as your regular mend. The title tag on your web page is very important for proper search engine optimization. It should contain your company's name and a few of your top keywords. Since we already optimize your keywords for you we thought it would be a nice addition to also optimize and enhance your page's title tag too, so we instructed our talented tech team to hunker down and figure out how to do it. Guess what? They did it! To opt-in for this exciting new service, simply log in to your Profile using your Metamend user name and password. Select the "Full Metatag Optimization" option within your settings and click the "update my changes" button. Your title tags will now be automatically optimized, generated and inserted for you during your next mend. How cool is that? Oh! Did we mention this new service is of course FREE to all our valued clients?


Check out our new search page. We've built a quick reference, multi-newswire scanning search engine for you. Search for News and related items on the following topics independently or all at once. Search Engine Optimization (SEO), On-line Marketing, Web Design, HTML and Metatags. Try it! You'll like it.

More new tools and services next month. Stay tuned.


Strategic Alliances and Partnerships.

No matter what business you are in, strategic alliances and partnerships are important to the survival of your business. In a retail operation the most basic of these choices are the brands and lines you carry as inventory. It's also a decision for the supplier to ensure your business has the proper reputation and market for their products, that's why there are very few Ferrari dealers which also sell KIA's. Both are great vehicles at their price points but both are focused at different market segments. You and the partner make the choice based on what you believe your and their, customers want. In a service industry where you are offering products and services as a reseller or under via a private label, you also make these decisions. Making the right choice of alliance can directly effect the success of your business.

How to choose?
Easy choices for a retailer are to repeat existing purchase patterns for immediate needs. I.E. Customers always buy this product and we are running low, so we will order more. Selecting new product lines or having to place an order a year or more ahead increases the difficulty. Will your choices meet market trends and expectations? A service industry based business presents equally easy and difficult choices. It's easy to pick up a new line, test it and keep it or drop it based on results, but sorting out which services to recommend can be more difficult. The easy part is to identify the categories required. For example, if your target market is in need of live content for their web site, some providers offer streaming news from the major news wires, others Financial updates, weather, sports, streaming video or audio.

How do you choose the right offering(s) from this myriad?
The key is knowing what your customers need. Build an list of essentials. What are the minimum tools you will need to reach your
target? Now think of what your target audience will need. This is the most important part; Ask yourself - What will my customer want and need? You can then start making informed choices about strategic alliances and partnerships. Identify the categories of needs first, then look to see which prospective partners fill those very specific requirements.

Remember, by making an alliance you are creating an opportunity for both yourself -and- the partner firm to profit from increased market exposure. A profitable alliance allows you to sell into your partner's market but also increases their exposure into your market. It's a two way street and value moves both ways. Equitable agreements to share this value will strengthen both businesses.

Measuring Success Through Site Statistics

By now you've likely seen numerous statistical reports for your web site. So, you know that the reports generated don't always make sense, or at least it is not obvious what each report actually means. One of the most common questions/concerns is simply - "How do I know that the visitors to my site are actually looking for what I have to offer?" In other words, "How targeted is my traffic?" Unfortunately the answer to this question is a little fuzzy...... One might argue that the more pages a visitor requests, or views, the more targeted that visitor is. For instance, if a visitor only "hits" one page on your site and then leaves, that visitor was less interested in what you have than a visitor who views 2 pages on your site.

That being said, there is a simple calculation you can make to determine, on average, how many pages each distinct visitor views on your site. Take the total number of "Page Views" and the total "Distinct Hosts" you received in a given period and calculate the ratio between them. This will give you an average "Page Views per Visitor." The greater that number, the more targeted your traffic is. Again, this is only an educated guess as it only accounts for an average over all your site's traffic. For more detailed, accurate figures you will need to hire a market analysis firm who specialize in stats analysis. However, this simple calculation provides you with an effective means of measuring just how targeted your web site's traffic is.

Download Times

By now you've probably got most of your connectivity-related terminology down - Modems, DSL, bandwidth, cable etc. - some of which are taking the industry by storm - namely DSL and Cable. These are two of the most popular ways to connect your computer to the Internet because of they are dedicated, fast, and relatively inexpensive.

If you are a Web Designer, you might be wondering if you can stop worrying about designing for slow connections. My best advice would be to answer that question with a solid "no." Even if you are a multimedia company showcasing streaming video on your site, you will still be marketing to a wide range of connection speeds. So keeping it "lean" is definitely a priority because you would want to ensure that 100% of your target market is able to view your site effectively - including the people at the lower end of the bandwidth scale. People at the high end already have a fast connection for a reason, because they do not like to wait for pages to load. I'm no psychologist, but I'd also be willing to bet they're more impatient than people with standard modems. So optimizing your pages for these people is also a must.

Remember, no matter who your target market is, the faster you can imbed your company ideology into their minds, the faster you will generate a sale or inquiry, and the more apt your target market will be to visit your site again.

Everything you ever wanted to know about searching and search engines, all on one site. An excellent engine resource portal:

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