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Issue 4
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Welcome to "The Mender #4." Each month we feature tips, tricks and techniques for improving the marketing and promotion of your website, plus breaking news at Metamend and valuable resources for the serious web marketer.

NOTE: A friendly reminder to those clients who have their keywords e-mailed to them. DON'T FORGET TO UPDATE your metatags! For maximum benefit of the Metamend target marketing system replace those old keywords with your newly optimized ones.

This month we warmly welcome the following websites into the Metamend marketing family:
  • The Stock Indicator
    America's #1 Stock Picking Service - On-line stock market trading and investing on-line plus live interactive stock picking service. Stock market advice, investment strategies, live phone calls, and nightly newsletter - two week free trial for first time users.
  • Global Polio Eradication Initiative - World Health Organisation
    The Official Global Polio Eradication Initiative WebSite of the World Health Organization
  • Digicomm Communications Corp.
    Telco, switch, PCS installation, commissioning, test and turn up. Engineering and contract placement, project management, construction management.
  • Talentsoft
    Web plus marketing and e-commerce solutions.
  • The Communication Initiative
    Communication Interventions on Global Development.
  • Patientlink Air Ambulance Services
    International air ambulance services.
  • FilmCoach
    Actors and Screenwriters courses coached by an Oscar winner.
  • Best Home Theater
    Home theater buyers guide with reviews, resources, buying information,
    on-line shopping and consulting.
  • Luggageworld
    Brand name and discount luggage and business cases at great prices. Skyway, Delsey, Atlantic, Ricardo, Brenthaven and more.
  • *Link No Longer Valid
    Customized pastel portraits of your pet. The purrfect gift.
  • Fairfield Realty
    Tony Brogan: Victoria BC Canada Real Estate Agent.
  • Gary W. Kinar Law Corporation *Link No Longer Valid
    Barrister and Solicitor, corporate legal services.
  • Whites Manufacturing Ltd.
    Designs drysuits, wetsuits, and accessories for SCUBA diving, kayaking, Search and Rescue, and general watersports.
  • Love Personals *Link No Longer Valid
    Find your lover on the Internet with Love-now, search personals, the best Internet dating service.
  • Economic Development Commission of Alberni Clayoquot *Link No Longer Valid
    Goals: To stimulate economic growth in the Alberni Clayoquot region.
  • KatCas, Gifts and Specialty Items
    New Beginnings by Katcas features children's educational toys.
  • L & M Computer Products
    Great prices for inkjet cartridges, CDR's computer parts, software and accessories.
  • Natural Visions Bath Bazaar
  • Gift baskets for all occasions, individual items. Specializing in natural and organic products.
  • Natural health products - high potency, individualized preparation. Ginseng, Echinacea, Triticum Aestivum, vaporizers
  • Pacific Coast Net ISP
    Pacific Coast Net is a comprehensive Internet access provider providing ISDN, ADSL and Cable modem business connections to the Internet.
  • Double Edge Marketing Associates
    Web site development and management experts. Double Edge Marketing Associates is a web site development company providing you with a complete On-line Consulting Management Program (OCMP).
  • Domain Alchemy
    Domain Management Services.
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Administrator's Chalk Board
By the time you read this, you should hopefully already be aware that the key to success with a web site is relevant traffic. No company, on-line or otherwise can have any revenue unless people looking for your goods and services actually visit your business. To make money, on the Internet your site has to be promoted so people know where to find you amongst the one billion other web sites on the net.

Being found on the web does not mean you have to launch an expensive ad campaign, or send out millions of catalogues or flyers. That's the great advantage of the Internet over all other places to locate a business - it's relatively inexpensive to let people know a site is open and where to find it. It's inexpensive in terms of dollars. If you know what you are doing, you can do it for nothing. In terms of time however, it can be expensive. You should be spending 20 to 30 hours every month working on search engine placement, plus another fifteen hours or so on the items below. Here are some of the best ways to promote your site outside of search engine placement:
  • Newsletter style mailing lists: If you collect Email addresses from everyone who makes an inquiry, purchase, or subscribes to your newsletter, you'll quickly have a mailing list. Use it once in a while to let people know of any new developments on your site. If you stay in people's minds, you'll probably get their repeat business, and they might even recommend your site to their friends. Also remember to put an unsubscribe option into every Email.People who don't want your information can let you know and you will be less likely to offend someone.

  • Newsgroup Postings: There are tens of thousands of newsgoups out there operating as bulletin board services on specific subjects. Anyone who visits the group is welcome to read the posted messages and also post new ones, or respond to existing ones. Each newsgroup or board, focuses on a specific subject, such as discusses everything from songs to news about the various members of The Beatles. There are bound to be a number of groups which relate to the content of your site. These are prime areas to promote yourself. Two cautions exist however: Most of these areas are non-commercial; Don't just post random commercials for yourself. Many newsgroup readers hate commercial advertisements, so be smooth, focus on the few groups where your product relates.
Read the other messages in there to get feeling for the group before posting. Often you can be more effective by answering other people's posts rather than just blindly posting messages about yourself.

If you decide to follow these approaches you will find added success beyond search engine placement alone.

P.S. An Email signature which contains your web site address is the quickest and easiest promotion you can do. If it's not there already, immediately add one to all your email.

Webmaster's Corner - Optimized Graphics
We all know how fun it is to make the graphics on your website look pretty...right? But are your graphics "Web Ready?" If not, they may take too long to download for people on slow connections. Don't fret, prepping your graphics for the Web isn't that difficult - it just takes a bit of an eye for detail, and a whole lot of coffee - [decaf. won't do]. A great piece of software designed specifically for this task is Ulead SmartSaver. This software will dramatically decrease the Kilobyte drain on your graphics - only utilizing colors that are necessary while not hindering the quality. A quick technique I always use is converting my GIF's from 256 colors down to 64 colors. Often times this will decrease the file size by over 75%! By optimizing all of the graphics on your site, you will undoubtedly make your website viewable by a lot more people.

Programmer's Snippet- The End of the Line
Ever wonder how a search engine spider (SES) analyses your website for indexing? The concept is really quite simple and although there are hundreds (possibly thousands) of search engine spiders on the web they all use the same basic method to index the content of your site. The "keyword" to search engine spiders is "Line-Ending." When a SES visits a website, it opens each web page and analyses it line by line. For any content to be indexed by the SES, it must be recognizable by the SES. META tags are the most common lines recognized by search engine spiders. However they are also the most commonly mis-written lines of code on the web.

For a META tag to be recognizable by a SES, it MUST be on a single line. Any carriage returns/line feeds will render the META tag "invisible" and therefore useless. Visit your website and "View Source" in your web browser. Are your META tags visible to the search engine spiders? By ensuring your META tags are each on a single line you'll be effectively increasing the "indexability" of your website by 100%!

Web Resource of the Month - This month's featured site:
The Dublin Core is a metadata element set intended to facilitate discovery of electronic resources. Originally
conceived for author-generated description of Web resources, it has attracted the attention of formal resource description communities such as museums, libraries, government agencies and commercial organizations.

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