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Issue 8
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Welcome to "The Mender" #8

Each month we feature tips, tricks and techniques for improving the marketing and promotion of your website, plus breaking news at Metamend and valuable resources for the serious web marketer.

What's New at Metamend?

Metamend is pleased to welcome E-Traffic Solutions to our growing list of Web hosting companies seeking private label or global marketing solutions for their clients. E-Traffic is an e-commerce solution provider offering a complete range of hosting, design and consulting services. If you are considering starting an ecommerce company check out Etraffic Solutions.

Marketing For The New Millennium

Let's sit back for a moment and reflect upon the changes to the Internet during the past few years. We've moved from modems offering 2,400bps access speeds to Gigabits per second. Wireless communication is beginning to take hold as people seek new ways to communicate from every corner of the globe and indeed, even into outer space. E-Commerce, a fancy term for on-line shopping and order processing, is entrenching itself as a permanent Internet channel.

You can shop for anything these days, from CD's to zippers, from car parts to human genomes. In spite of its chaotic environment, the Net continues to grow at an incredible pace. Tens of thousands of users"log-in" each day for the very first time. Hundreds of merchants open for business. Countless children send their first Email and Countries around the world continue to lay infrastructure toward an Internet future. The Internet is not getting any smaller. It's growing by proverbial leaps and bounds. It's also here to stay. A permanent fixture in our lives and the lives of our grandchildren.

Maybe it's time we took a look at the bigger picture. What will the Internet become in ten years? In twenty? In one hundred? Will we be able to market our products and services the same way we do now? The answer of course...Is an irrefutable no! Things change. Soon you will be required to have Satellite Positioning Data within your pages. Soon your website will need the ability to translate itself into other languages. Soon your website will be required to accept and ship orders to all corners of the globe and possibly even accept different forms of currency, the Eurodollar for example. Oh yes, the changes are constant.

Metamend has initiated an intense research and development plan which will provide ongoing innovative marketing solutions in order to assure our clients and their websites are ready to compete in the future. If you have considered becoming a Metamend client but have been procrastinating for some reason, we strongly suggest you now set those wheels into motion. The gap between websites with no relevance to the search engines and those with appropriate search engine friendly data is widening daily. The new millennium will offer unprecedented opportunities for those with the foresight to prepare for it. Is your website ready for the future? If not, better give us a call.

Administrator's Chalk Board - How To Choose the Right Hosting Company

Part 3 - Allowing outside access: Who should have access to your files?

The question at hand is, with whom should you share access to your website files? Obviously you won't hand over your access information to just anyone, for the same reason you don't hand your car keys to just anyone. However, you do need to give your keys to a mechanic to work on your car. The same rule applies to your website. Depending on the job they are doing for you, third parties may need access to your web pages and the machine on which they are served. Access to Log files or FTP access are common requests. Log file access is always "Read Only." Anyone who needs to review your traffic patterns, usage, trends, etc. -needs- Log access. If you wish to know anything about your site statistics, or usage patterns, they will need log file access to collect this data. So will anyone who compiles this information for you. If they don't ask for log file access, they're not doing the best job. No matter what you pay them, you're not getting fair value for your money.

Anyone who is actually going to perform any work on your site, which includes correcting code, updating files, placing graphics, etc. will require both "read and write" access, for the ability to put things on and take things off your pages. Without providing both read and write access you are putting yourself in the position of doing a large portion of the work yourself. Which is OK if you are up for spending hours in front of your computer. Some folks enjoy working on their sites themselves. Others of course, would rather contract out the work to a third party.

In essence, you need to share access to your files with anyone who is providing a direct service to your site. If you want the work done properly, you need to give people the proper access. This is not to say you should allow access to just anyone. On the contrary, the people you are dealing with should clearly state why they need access, and the reason has to make sense - to you. Ask for documentation, which explains what they do, and why they need it. There is a trust factor involved here and you must be very comfortable with who has access to your website directory, before handing over the keys.

Webmaster's Corner - Is what you see what you really get?

There are many HTML editors our there in CyberSpace. As a new web designer, one of the biggest choices you'll make in your search for perfect code is which editor to use. This is understandable, as picking the right one can be a daunting task given all the current acronyms out there: WYSIWYG, WYSIWYN, HTML, ASP etc... It's important to understand at what level you wish to explore web design before you make your decision.

WYSIWYG stands for "What You See Is What You Get." Editors such as Microsoft Front Page and Dreamweaver are good examples of this type of editor which allow you to move text and graphics around without having to actually know HTML. The main advantage of this kind of editor is also the main disadvantage - it generates the HTML for you. This means that you generally do not have control over the code and can run into trouble when trying to make mission critical changes to your website. I will say that Front Page has come a long way since inception, and the latest version (Front Page 2000) offers some very robust features which enhance user control over how the code is displayed and what areas you want left alone.

WYSIWYN stands for "What You See Is What You Need." A good example of this would be Allaire Cold Fusion Studio (and my preference). The main advantage here is that you have the advantage of moving graphics and text around like a WYSIWYG, but also have the added advantage of being able to make small adjustments to your HTML without hindering the look - that's where the "need" comes in; if you need to make minute changes to your code, you can do so. Remember to look at how deep you want to explore web design before you purchase your editor. If you're looking to make a quick website for home or small business use, then a good WYSIWYG editor may work for you. If you want to create complex websites with absolute control over how it all looks and functions, then a good WYSIWYN editor will suit your needs nicely.

Web Resource of the Month

This month's featured site: Online Inc.

Online Inc. made its mark at the very beginning of the online era by publishing the first issue of ONLINE magazine in 1977. Through ONLINE magazine, Online Inc. provided evaluation and informed opinion about selecting, using, and managing electronic information products. Database magazine (now EContent) followed the launch of ONLINE a year later. EContent has evolved into a complete resource for the digital content industry. Check out these excellent publications.

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