What is Web Site Promotion?

If you've had email for more than a week or two, you've probably had mail announcing the latest, greatest site promotion tools: "Submission to 300,000 search engines", "submission to 800,000 search engines", etc... Hang around the Internet long enough and you're sure to have conversations with Web Site Promotion experts. At the end of it all, you're left wondering, "so what exactly is site promotion?" At it's most basic, web site promotion is about bring people to a web site.

Most commonly, this is done via direct promotion of your web sites to the search engines. So for many the meaning is a submission of a URL to the search engines, which allows the search engines to find your web site among the millions of web sites on the Internet. For the offerings related to thousands of submissions to search engines the story ends there. They do nothing but announce the presence of a web site to whatever engines they submit. BTW, there aren't 100,000 search engines. There are realistically 5,000 directories, and maybe 1000 independent search engines.

Fortunately however, there are a number of firms that specialize in web site optimization, and give you good value for your money, and get good results. We're pleased to be known as a leader in the search engine optimization part of this group.

What Precisely Is Web Site Promotion

When someone types in a few keywords in a search engine, you want your web site to well placed in the search results, if your web site is relevant to that query. It used to be that simply getting the Meta Tags right on a web page was enough. Today, web site promotion is the cornerstone part of a web site's search marketing strategy. It focuses on the last pieces of the puzzle. It should include content creation, reciprocal links, and search engine submssion. But before these steps can take place, you need to ensure the foundation for success has been properly laid.

Web Site Promotion - Steps to Success

Before being promoted, a web site needs to ensure the following steps have been taken, and properly executed:
  1. A strategy for building a web site.
  2. A search engine marketing plan.
  3. An optimization plan which includes ongoing, scheduled maintenance comprised of:

    • Design - You need to ensure that your service or SEO consultant keeps up on all the things that the search engines look for, and ensures nothing in the design of your web site conflicts with these rules.
    • Monthly web site analysis
    • Monthly web site optimization.

When these steps have been properly and carefully implemented, the promotion can begin. With regards to this, it must include the following online components, in no particular order:
This whole block of tasks truly falls under the called umbrella of the SEO process. There is an entire science behind this industry, part of which deal with scientifically monitoring the search engines and the evolution of their algorithms.

A web site that is not optimized is like a car without tires. It will go, but it won't get much traction. SEO just like any promotion is an ongoing process and, if not done correctly, can consume a lot of resources. Please contact us in order to begin this process, we will provide you with assistance and guidance.